April at Ganjaburi is off the charts! 🌟 Celebrating our 1st year and diving into Songkran plus the epic 4/20 Cannabis Day, all in one month!

Start the party with a bangin’ buy-one/get-one free on our top strains: Drip Station, Vice City, Dracula, and Bread & Butter. 🌿💫

And don’t miss our Songkran bash on the 13th. Last year beach road was crazy so we’re doing pre-rolls only on the 13th to keep the buds dry. Stock up and splash into the celebrations at Ganjaburi! 🎉💦

Don’t forget we also have super savings for large purchases:

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  • Ounce of Opulence: Indulge in a full ounce (28 grams) and revel in a 30% discount. Elevate your experience for a mere 280 baht per gram.
  • Eighth Ounce Top Up: Our unique Eighth Ounce Top Up lets you enjoy 4 grams for the price of 3.5, effectively reducing your cost to 350 baht per gram.

Based on our top shelf price of just 400 baht a gram

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